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20 August 2012 @ 11:53 pm
Title: Coincidence
Genre:Slight angst, mostly fluff
Pairing: Kaisoo
Rating: PG
Length: ~4,600 
Summary: How Kim Jongin met Do Kyungsoo

1st Meeting

Jongin keeps his head down as his favorite dancer hyung leads him up the stairs towards the roof. He knows it can only mean one thing. He was in trouble. When they finally make it all the way up, the older man turns on him. Jongin keeps his head down, trying to keep his composure but still flinches when the hyung grabs his chin and forces it up to look into his angry eyes.

“Is this a joke to you?” he asks, fingers still biting into the skin of Jongin’s face.

“No, hyung,” Jongin replies, trying to keep the discomfort from his gaze.

“Do you even think about being on stage? You’ve been training for four years, if you’re going to half-ass it like this, why even stay? How many times have I told you that having talent isn’t enough in this industry?”

The fingers press harder when Jongin doesn’t respond, requiring an answer.

“I’m sorry,” Jongin says, fighting the tears pushing at the back of his eyes.

“We’re done for today,” the hyung says, releasing the hold on Jongin’s face, “come back tomorrow if you’re willing to work hard, if not, don’t bother.”

Jongin bows to his retreating figure and repeats his apologies trying not to choke over the growing roughness in his throat. He stays in that position for several minutes, trying not to think about all he would gain and lose if he really just did not come back tomorrow. If he really did just walk out of those doors and not turn back.

When he finally straightens, he can hear his back crack from the position change. And as he walks down the stairs, he hears his knees cracking until the weight of the decision, each step adding to his overall feeling of exhaustion. When finally at the bottom, he makes his way into the small nook that ends in the vocal lesson room and sinks down onto heels, leaning his back against the wall. Resting his arms onto his knees, he pushes his face into them, trying bring a song to mind or imagine himself dancing, anything to keep thoughts from coming in.

From the day he had entered the company, Jongin had told himself that he wouldn’t cry until he got number one. He wasn’t quite sure what that meant, it could be number one in sales or number one on a broadcast station or even the rookie award. But it wasn’t now. He told himself that he wouldn’t have earned those tears until that day. It wasn’t this moment of weakness. He scrunched his eyes shut and pushed his face into his knees, fighting off the temptation to let them loose from his eyes. If he allowed it today, it will be the first time since joining that he lost control. He tries again in vain to distract his mind by coming up with songs but he draws a blank. He releases a dry sob, gripping his own arms and trying to power through his emotions, when he hears it.

I wanna be a billionaire

Jongin’s head snaps up, his cheeks still dry, and he looks towards the direction the voice came from. He’d originally thought that no one was inside the voice lesson room since the light was off, but obviously he’d been wrong.

So fuckin’ bad

He felt a part of the weight on his chest lift at the soothing voice, his head blank except for the soft tones. He returned his head to his arms but now it was simply to enjoy the sounds coming from the room to his left. He closed his eyes as he listened, just letting the voice slip through one ear and out the other, healing his mind as it went. Of course I’m staying. He fell asleep just listening.

When he opened his eyes again, he was being kicked awake by one of the vocal trainer noonas. He saw one of his sunbae’s walk in behind her and immediately jumped to his feet, trying to ignore the aching pain from his legs for being the same position for too long. He bowed low and introduced himself as they passed and he got a tired pat on the head for his effort. He blinked the sleep from his eyes as he faced downward and took in the dawn light streaming in from the windows. He straightened and began to walk away when he heard his name called.

“Jongin,” the noona called, “is that yours? Clean it up.” She closed the door after motioning to the ground where he’d been crouched moments before. Sitting there was a small carton of milk with something written across the sides. He picked it up and bowed again, making his way around the corner before bringing the carton to his face to get a better view.

He was still smiling as he got to his room in the dorms, and his heart felt lighter than it had in such a long time. No one was awake, but even if they were they wouldn’t ask where he’d been, it wasn’t unusual for him to spend the night practicing. He carefully placed the container on the table near his bed so he could pick it up and read it whenever he was feeling down.

Be strong, Jongin. Hwighting!

2nd Meeting

He was at a loss. No matter where he looked, Jongin could not find that voice anywhere in the company. He glanced at the place on his desk where the milk carton used to sit. He’d kept it as long as possible until the smell of spoilt milk had entirely pervaded the room. He’d tried to wash it after letting the chunks of milk make their way down the drain, but it had ended up a big soggy mess and the cleaning ahjumma had made him throw it out. The words had mostly disappeared from the cardboard after his sorry attempt at washing anyway.

But since then, in the few weeks that followed, he’d gotten several more to replace the first. Rather than saving them though, he’d been drinking them, honestly feeling a little bit stronger after each sip. They always had the same thing written on them, though sometimes with extra little notes. The third one he’d received had said Make sure to eat your meals, on a day where he’d been too busy to catch lunch. The sixth and seventh had both said, Sleep Well, though the seventh had added Seriously this time in smaller script underneath. This had been during the week that Jongin had spent getting less than 2 hours of sleep a night from the amount he was practicing.

He still wasn’t sure whom it was that was giving them to him. They’d always just end up in places where he could find them easily but where almost everyone in the company could have been. Most of the time, he would find them in his bag, which is kept with everyone else’s. But sometimes just in a corner of the room when he was the only one left or sitting in the hallway behind a TVXQ sign. Once he had found one outside the doors of the company. When he went a few days without getting one, he was scared that he was missing it, or that something happened to the giver. It became a kind of a scavenger hunt that Jongin looked forward to.

Still though, Jongin wanted to meet whoever was doing this for him. And thank him. Since that first day, every day has seemed just a little bit easier. He has the motivation to work harder and trainers have noticed and commented on it. Even when they do scold him, they almost always end it with an, "but I know you’re working hard." It’s the highest form of praise he’d ever heard from them.

But Jongin still hasn’t been able to find out whom it was that was singing that day. He’d come to the conclusion almost immediately that it the milk giver and the singer from that day was the same person. So that narrowed it down to just about every male trainee. It got to the point that whenever he would hear someone singing in the company he would strain himself trying to match the vocals to the ones in his memory. But no such luck.

Jongin shook himself from his thoughts and glanced at the clock. He was running behind, which was unusual, so he was only going to make it 15 minutes early instead of his usual thirty. That meant less pre-practice time to perfect his moves before showing them to his dance trainer. He sighed as he grabbed his iPod and subway card, narrowly avoiding knocking down the trash that was threatening to spill over the top of the can. He had to take care of that. He grabbed the keys that were resting on the floor in front of the door and made his way towards the subway.

He slipped his earphones in and plopped down on the bench in front of the railway, the music almost deafening. The louder the music, the easier it was for him to imagine his dance steps. It was something he did whenever he heard music. It was immediate and almost involuntary the way he could see himself in the studio as the music played. It was oftentimes where he got his best moves.

He had his music on a playlist so that each song would play immediately after the other, but for whatever reason, one of the songs had a few seconds of lag time before playing. And it was in those few seconds that he heard the humming coming from the person sitting on the bench next to him. He stilled as a rush went through his body at the familiar noise before the song finally playing and startled him into pulling out his ear buds.

That left his ears ringing slightly but wide open to hear the sound he’d been craving for so long. He looked down at his headphones bemusedly before trying to see into his peripheral vision at whoever was next to him. From his position all he could see was someone sitting politely with their knees and ankles together and their back straight, not even leaning on the back of the bench. The person was holding an mp3 player in their hands that had a wire to headphones that ran up beyond what Jongin could see through the corner of his eye. He was frozen. Jongin had no idea what to do. He’d been waiting for this moment for so long that now that it was here he couldn’t do anything except panic. The only reason he even realized the train had actually arrived is because he watched the person next to him gracefully stand and walk towards it.

Jongin rushed to do the same, dropping his headphones in the process, which had apparently also been removed from his iPod when he had violently ripped them from his ears. He scooped them up from the ground and heard a clatter behind him but didn’t bother to look back; trying to find which door the boy had entered into. He finally spotted him standing near one of the doors, leaning on one of the metal bars and glancing over his shoulder in Jongin’s direction. He hurriedly stuffed his headphones into his pocket and began to rush over to the door nearest that section when he felt a conspicuous lack in that pocket. His iPod. He turned back and sure enough, there it was sitting on the bench, forlorn and forgotten in the rushed moment.

He tried to figure out the best move, almost all the passengers had boarded and he could see that the doors were about a second from closing. He had only gotten the barest glimpse of the boy of his dreams and now he would have to abandon the possibility of finding out who it is all for a iPod that jumped ship of its own accord. He was already mourning the decision as he made his way towards the cursed device, hearing the doors closing behind him.

Stand out of the way of the closing doors, please.” Jongin heard the automated female voice say over head.

He turned back around, iPod in hand, and sprinted towards the door where he could see a hand keeping the doors from closing. His ears burned.

Jongin sat in the yellowing seats across from where the boy was standing, slack jawed. He thought he’d at least recognize the person when he finally figured out who it was. But he’d never seen this person in his life, or at least never noticed him. The boy had large eyes that kept him in a constant state of shock, as though life was just too surprising at all times. He was short, significantly shorter than Jongin, and completely unassuming. Jongin could see how this boy would have flown under his notice. Not anymore though.

“Thanks,” Jongin eked out, trying to catch the boy’s eyes.

“No problem,” the boy responded, not having looked at him since letting him into the train.

For a second, Jongin wondered if he’d gotten it wrong, maybe he doesn’t recognize him because it was the wrong person. Perhaps it was just a large series of coincidences.

But as Jongin caught sight of the blush that covered the cheeks of the boy in front of him, he reminded himself that he didn’t believe in coincidences.

3rd-9th Meeting(s)

Suddenly, the boy was everywhere. He would notice him walking down the hall with his head down, see him having a discussion with one of the trainers, spot him dancing with more ferocity than Jongin would have expected, and tripping up the stairs with his short limbs flailing as he tried to catch himself.

And with the realization of the boy’s existence, came the realization of the staring. He could feel those wide eyes on him every time they were in the same room. Sometimes Jongin’s body would recognize it first and he would feel the goose bumps break out all over and then spot the boy in some corner of the dance room. Those days he always got the most praise from his teachers.

“Do Kyungsoo,” his hyung Baekhyun told him one day, “he’s one of the newish singers, incredible range.”

That was a compliment coming from Baekhyun, though not something that Jongin didn’t already know, it was nice to hear all the same. It somehow felt as though he was being complimented himself.

“Do you know him?” Jongin asked.

“No, I haven’t seen him hang around many people at all actually.”

“Maybe—maybe we should invite him to sit with us.” Jongin said, trying to sound nonchalant and obviously failing given the way that Baekhyun was looking at him. “Hyung, it would be nice.”

Baekhyun nodded considering the idea then said, “yes. It would. One of the vocal noonas actually told me he could do impressions.”

“No way,” Jongin said, genuinely surprised and if possible, even more intrigued. This invite would be the perfect excuse to finally talk to him. “Ok, so I’ll just—

“I’ll extend the invite through the trainer who told me about him,” Baekhyun interrupted, “that way there will be no awkwardness.” And with that he was already running towards the door.

“Hyung!” Jongin yelled, but Baekhyun was already gone.

10th Meeting

Kyungsoo was finally meeting them for lunch today. Kyungsoo was also having his lessons during Jongin’s free hour for the first time and Jongin was determined to hear that voice again. He crept his way along the wall, attempting to be as stealthy as possible until he turned one of the corners and ran into another trainee who proceeded to laugh at his complete lack of subtly. After that, he just stood and walked towards the room. It was right before lunch and the building was swarming with people, so when he reached the nook he pulled out his iPod and tried his damndest to look like he was doing something totally necessary. Despite the effort though, he ended up bowing at every other passerby and lying when they would ask him what he was doing. His go-to and most widely accepted answer was that he was waiting for the trainer to ask for some tips on his singing.

That excuse never worked for anyone that knew Jongin at all though so when Baekhyun made his way over and he just raised his eyebrows before smiling knowingly at Jongin.

“Just make sure you guys don’t miss lunch, alright?” Baekhyun said, flashing his pointy canines before continuing on his way.

At that, Jongin checked the time and was shocked to find there was only about 10 minutes until lunch, and Kyungsoo had shown no signs of coming out. He walked closer to the door and could just make out the voice of the trainer since she was speaking in raised tones.

“—no improvement.. You sound good, but you sounded good when you came here, where is the voice you should have after months of training. Just having talent isn’t enough.”

Jesus, Jongin thought, is that the company’s motto?

He knew Kyungsoo was hurting. Jongin knew how much those words stung. Knew that pain of trying so hard but not being able to land a move right or hit the right note no matter what you do. Jongin tried to figure out how to fix this, the noona was still going and it sounded like she was on a roll so he might just have enough time to get to the vending machines.

He ran through the halls, borrowing a pen and a few coins from one of the women in the office across the hall from the snacks. He picked the drink he had seen Kyungsoo drink on more than one occasion and pulled out the pen to write around the label. Your voice is perfect. It was not the most eloquent of statements, and not exactly the most original gesture but he was in a time crunch and it totally embodied his feelings.

On his way back to the room he ran head first into someone and was pulled up by the arm.

“Jongin! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Come here, they’re considering you for backup dancing for Shinee. There’s a meeting in 2 minutes, let’s go!”

Jongin made a sound of protest but it went ignored. Luckily, at least they were moving in the direction of the voice lesson room and he had just enough time to roll the drink towards the door before he was pulled past it.

“Leave it.” His favorite dancer hyung yelled, thinking that Jongin had dropped it accidently.

10.5th Meeting

Jongin had made it back to the cafeteria just in time to catch his friends standing up to leave. He made his way over to them, his eyes trained on the tray with the drinks. He noticed several bottles of Kyungsoo’s favorite drink, but one of them had a noticeably absent label. He couldn’t stop a huge smile from covering his face.

As he approached though, he saw Baekhyun sling an arm around Kyungsoo’s shoulders as they both laughed and Jongin almost growled in response. He rushed towards their retreating backs and threw an arm around Kyungsoo’s shoulders from the other side.

“So the new guy joined us! Did we get introductions out of the way or…” Jongin left the statement hanging, hoping that Baekhyun would pick it up and catch him up on whatever the conversation was. But instead, of course, Baekhyun had other plans.

“He already knows that you’ve been asking about him,” Baekhyun spoke in a matter of fact tone, as though talking about the weather and not pushing Jongin into a giant pool of humiliation.

“Ah, I see.” Jongin struggled to save the moment, “Of course, I heard your singing and-”

“He also knows you think he’s hot.” Baekhyun said as he pulled away, his arm sliding out from under Jongin’s as Jongin sputtered in shock. “And that you think he has a nice ass.” He said still yelling on his way out the cafeteria door.

At this point Jongin stopped walking and was just frozen in humiliation, his arm still thrown around the smaller boy’s shoulders. He felt a poke at his side and began to thaw.

“He was just kidding, I didn’t know that,” he smiled and Jongin could see the mischievousness in his eyes as he was poked again. “But now I do.”

Is this what love feels like?

11th Meeting

As soon as he catches sight of that face in his peripheral vision, Jongin knows he’s done for. The boy had only just stepped in and Jongin almost immediately falters in one of his steps. He quickly looks back into the mirror in front of him and tries to regain his balance but continues to be half a beat behind in every step. His dancer hyung scolds him on being unable to fix his mistakes. He warns him that sometimes he will slip or a fan will throw something on stage or he might even forget the moves himself and he needs to be able to catch up. Jongin nods and apologizes and the hyung just claps him on the shoulder before telling him to take five.

Jongin turns to find Kyungsoo, who has now made his way to the back of the room where other trainees were resting. He runs his eyes along the line of people until it lands on target and his eyes narrow. He meets the eyes of the boy that owns his soul, the boy that is currently resting his head on the shoulder of a person that is not Jongin. And then, the boy has the audacity to wink. Wink!

That is it.

Jongin breaks the eye contact to glace to the clock on the wall. He still has four and a half minutes. He marches over to where Kyungsoo sits, burrowing into Baekhyun’s shoulder like a kitten. When Jongin stands less than a foot in front of him, he just scoffs as the overly innocent look that Kyungsoo throws up at him.

Hands on his hips he says, “Come with me somewhere. Now.”

By now they have a little bit of an audience. He sees that Kyungsoo’s face is now filled with a combination of confusion and that same mischievousness that Jongin thinks he could get used to. He reaches down to grab the boy’s wrist when he makes no move to stand on his own and pulls him out of the room. He can feel the stares of the other trainees but Jongin doesn’t mind, in fact he’s glad, so they can see whom Kyungsoo really wants to be around. As soon as the door closes behind them, Jongin lets his hold slide down to Kyungsoo’s hand. Jongin leads them toward the stairs, both smiling as they climb the steps.

When they get to the top Jongin turns on the smaller boy and leans over him, saying nothing. Now that they were alone, Jongin was having a hard time keeping eye contact, let alone confess, as he’d been determined to moments before.

“What?” Kyungsoo asks, that overly innocent look right back in place.
“Um,” his eyes follow Kyungsoo’s adam apple as the boy swallows and suddenly they’re way too close. “Nothing.” He says as he backs away to the edge of the building.

“Woah, be careful,” Kyungsoo warns as Jongin nears the edge. He rushes forward to grab his hand and pulls him back to the center of the roof. Neither lets go.

“I was really happy when Baekhyun asked me to join you guys.” Kyungsoo says, breaking the silence.

Jongin furrows his eyebrows but hesitates, not wanting to seem childish.

“What’s wro--” Kyungsoo starts to ask before he’s interrupted.

“I wanted you there. I was the one who asked him about you joining. I wanted to ask you myself but he did it through the trainers. I was the one that wanted to hang out with you.” Jongin realized he was getting repetitive and stopped.

Kyungsoo chuckled, “so what you’re telling me is that you had some kind of interest in spending time with me?”

Jongin blushed. “Yes. Me.”

“Right. Got it.” He was still smiling. Jongin liked when Kyungsoo smiled. So, anyway, why did you bring me up here?”

Jongin hesitated a moment before grabbing Kyungsoo’s other hand and pulling him closer. He heard Kyungsoo’s soft gasp and his mouth went dry. He coughed to clear his throat.

“I wanted to create some good memories up here to overpower the bad ones. Will you help me?”

Kyungsoo’s eyes widened as he took in the meaning and immediately closed, preparing himself for a kiss. And for a moment, Jongin was so tempted to tease him, to tell him that he’d misunderstood. But Kyungsoo with his thick lips already pouted and his eyelashes resting on his cheeks was a temptation that was absolutely irresistible.

Jongin leaned his head down and pushed his lips onto the other boy’s. He felt Kyungsoo’s hands tighten in his own, his head tilting as he tried to get a better position. And when Jongin began to lean away, Kyungsoo’s mouth followed him up, the shorter boy releasing their hands and wrapping them around Jongin’s neck. He pushed up onto his tippy toes, breathing the word again against Jongin’s lips before bringing them back together.

When they finally separated, Kyungsoo reached around into the bag with trembling fingers and brought out a milk carton and handed it to Jongin. Be strong, Kim Jongin. I like you.

Jongin smiled, and pecked the blushing boy on the lips.

“I was singing for you that day, you know.”

“I know.”


“It was too perfect, you had to be singing for me.”

“It could have been a coincidence.”

“I don’t believe in coincidence.”


The two boys raced up the now familiar stairs hand in hand, their bodies almost bursting with energy. When they reached the top they immediately flew into each other’s arms, squeezing as hard as they could, laughing and laughing, the happiness within them trying to find release. Kyungsoo was the first to reach up, pulling the taller boy’s face downward in a kiss. It was more teeth than lip though since they couldn’t stop smiling.

“Can you believe it?” Kyungsoo screamed into the air.

Jongin just let out another scream in reply and grabbed Kyungsoo hand and pulled him to the edge.

“Oh, I swear the world better prepare,” Jongin yelled over the edge of the building and Kyungsoo joined in on the second verse, neither caring how their voices sounded.

“For when I’m a billionaire.”

oh dear. so this is finally done. And was written in a day. And unbetad
also longer than i wanted it
sigh. well this is for this girl who wanted a fic of how kaisoo became friends
so here that is. keke. hope you like it!
also i realize baekhyun wouldn't be there at this point but idec because that
vid of kai recording baekhyun acting like an idiot exists so...he demanded
to be present. innywho. :D 

oh also that ending was them finding out theyre going to be in exo together
if that wasn't clear keke

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keke thank you!!
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aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww this is seriously adorable awwwwww ;~; ♥
so cute /wibbles
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KAISOO ;~;</p>


dreamingisblissdreamingisbliss on September 3rd, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
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kyungsoo, doneige_douce on August 21st, 2012 11:45 pm (UTC)
;~; so sweet... hkkkkk love this!!!
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hehe thanks for reading!
tetsuko_chintetsuko_chin on August 22nd, 2012 07:13 am (UTC)
the messages on the milk's carton ~ it's so sweet
and it's interesting how Jongin then really intrigued to find out the person who alyas left it for him

BlackNerdJadeblacknerdjade on August 23rd, 2012 03:30 am (UTC)
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute so cute I'm going to die
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don't die! keke i'm glad you liked it! :)
Miaathasshirabu on August 23rd, 2012 05:17 am (UTC)
Yaaaaaayyy flufffffff
Kaisoo fluff is like an oasis for me XD

When they finally separated, Kyungsoo reached around into the bag with trembling fingers and brought out a milk carton and handed it to Jongin. Be strong, Kim Jongin. I like you.

I totally grinned like an idiot. LOL

Thanks for writing kaisoo fluff you're angel ♥
dreamingisblissdreamingisbliss on September 3rd, 2012 05:43 am (UTC)
hehe thank YOU for reading! :)) i'm glad you enjoyed it!
meryisintheairmeryisintheair on September 2nd, 2012 12:30 am (UTC)
This was soo sweet and perfect and I loved it and thanks for writing it and...I ran out of things to say xD but yeah, it was really well written <3
dreamingisblissdreamingisbliss on September 3rd, 2012 05:44 am (UTC)
hehe thanks so much. i'm so glad that you liked it. also thanks for the friend request keke.
meryisintheairmeryisintheair on September 4th, 2012 02:05 am (UTC)
You're welome!! ^^ thanks for accepting :)
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and awesome
and i'm happy
i like their personalities too
and i could really feel the sweat and tears they use while training
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1st read story on livejournal
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